AB Engraving

Small business client’s single page website to showcase the company mission statement, services offered and previous work

The Process

The client's desires consisted of two main objectives: simplicity and accessibility. First, I created the foundation, a simple single page website that is easily navigable. The next process was to optimize the website to be fully responsive for any device and or screen size. I found that using React was perfect for this application. Designing the skeleton with only filler content to work with, until the client provided their own, allowed me to create a structure that was extremely dynamic and versatile. When the content was supplied, I thanked myself for creating such an adaptable architecture.

Take Aways

  • Built time management, self-assurance and negotiation skills
  • Learned about domain management, web hosting and application deployment
  • Crafted fully responsive web design ( markup, styling, querying )
  • Improved React conditional component rendering

Technology stack

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • SASS
  • Express.js
  • NodeMailer