Cash Flow

Mobile budgeting application featuring individual user accounts with multiple budget sheets, interface customization and more

The Process

Building many web applications with JavaScript has brought me to love the language. I have also come to understand the quirks and shortcomings of the language. With this application, I wanted to build something I could use in my daily life. Using TypeScript, I had the perfect opportunity to dive into something that would also challenge my skills along the way. Learning about why it has become so popular so quickly inspired me to learn everything about it.

As programmers, we strive to write better structured and organized code with less bugs. React and TypeScript are a match made in heaven for that purpose, in my opinion. In very little time, I realized how TypeScript expedites the building process and maintains a better structured code base. I also learned a lot about how React works under the hood when learning about type assertions and generics. This is something I feel is very important to know while developing in the React framework Building. This app has fueled my passion to keep learning and progressing my programmatic skills.

Take Aways

  • Learned TypeScript fundamentals ( Interfaces, Type Assertion, Generics, Unions and Intersections )
  • Expanded knowledge about how React works under the hood
  • Progressed experience with debugging and error handling
  • Improved skills working with and manipulating deeply nested object properties
  • Became far more confident in writing code without reference

Technology stack

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • SASS