Project Collection

Capstone - An automated chat interface that offers help with frequently asked questions, ratings, and feedback.

A personal home dashboard hosted on a Raspberry Pi featuring a calendar, weather stats, lists, and various schedules

NPM Package - React autocomplete and search component featuring keyboard navigation and easy customization

VSCode Extension - Create and cycle through points in which you are working within files by the use of keyboard shortcuts

Head to head competitive typing test featuring words per minute and accuracy scoring, built on Express.js and

Local client's professional athletic training facility website showcasing services offered and roster of available personnel

NPM Package - Wrapper Component that utilizes the native browser drag API, giving endless functionality to its children

Small business client’s contractor portfolio showcasing services offered, area of expertise and highlighting past endeavors

NPM Package - React component and toolkit library simply built for quick use and extensive customizability

C# Windows Forms application that securely stores project environment variables behind a 4-digit user authentication passcode

Mobile budgeting application featuring individual user accounts with multiple budget sheets, interface customization and more

Exercise smarter with a personalized exercise and workout plan building application, packed with analytic and social features

Grid based snake game featuring dynamic directional sprites and difficulty settings

Tile puzzle game challenging your strategic and critical thinking skills with an encouraged competitive aspect

Version One of my software developer portfolio, built with React.js alone

Harnessing the power of to create a chatroom application. Fully functional with individual rooms, typing alerts and private messages

Youtube Data API consumed to create a client-sided music streaming application wrapped in Electron

Small business client’s single page website to showcase the company mission statement, services offered and previous work

Harnessing the power of News API to stay up to date on global or local news

Combining aesthetics with user customizability to provide easy to use but unique themes for any interested user