VSCode Extension - Create and cycle through points in which you are working within files by the use of keyboard shortcuts

The Process

This project is a Visual Studio Code extension available for use by anyone. Like many ideas, I came up with this extension to help solve a common real-world problem. When working in large files, thousands of lines, it is easy to and lose track of the points in which youre working when scrolling between lines far from one another. This extension makes available functionality to create workpoints in files and the ability to cycle through these workpoints. The extension uses three keyboard shortcuts that handle all functionality: Ctrl + , | Ctrl + . | Ctrl + Shift + / . The first two shortcuts cycle through workpoints in a file, placing the cursor on the line and revealing it in the center of your view. In addition, the last shortcut is used to add/ remove workpoints from current cursor position in a file.

Take Aways

  • Improved skills working with Webpack and Mocha
  • Developed experience with the VSCode Extension API
  • Learned more about how VSCode operates under the hood

Technology stack

  • VSCode
  • TypeScript
  • Webpack
  • Mocha